OK, so posting seems to be working again?
Can't post, getting pissed off.


So I have been doing some temp work this week. I have been helping Husky International Trucks get their messy yard ready for a visit from a International Trucks bigwig. I cleared a lot of blackberrys. When I first saw what they expected me to do, I didn't say anything, but I thought "They only hired ONE temp for this job?" I honestly didn't think I was going to be able to do much. Well a week later, it's all taken care of and then some and Husky is asking me to go to another facility and do more of the same. I'm secretly a little sorry they didn't just cut me loose. I ache. I am getting too lod for this kind of shit. Another thing I had to do was cut up a bunch of fiberglass farings. Big gigantic semi tractor farings that never sold, and were now obsolete. I had a circular saw and a little paper mask. I could have had a set of overalls, but the only thing those would have protected (that were not already protected) were my forarms. So I saw up the farings and go back to the blackberrys, only now, in addition to sunburnt and scratched up forarms, I am itching all around my neck and shoulders where the fiberglass dust got under my tshirt. When I finally got home my shower never felt better. I'm liking Lance to lead the Tour de France from here on out. That man makes me really proud to be a Texan, even more proud.


This is so cool. It is too cool. Cool. I signed up. You should too.


More fun in Job Search Land. Manpower tells me lat Monday that I am going to a "temp to perm" job assembling driveshafts for big trucks. "temp to perm" means that I am a temp for a while and if they like me thy hire me on. I figure that means I'm a safe bet to be working for a while. Wrong. The boss comes to me on Friday and tells me that I am not going to be needing to come back on Monday and that I was just covering for some vacationing regulars. Fine, it sucks to be not working again, but what sucks even more is to be dissapointed that I can't go back to a job that I hated, had shitty hours and I didn't even want. Today I had 5 hours work for the city of Tukwila with this ex pimp looking guy who, if he put as much effort into his work as his complaining he would really...finish his temp jobs earlier. Now I call Business Careers, the people who are supposed to be looking for work for me, voicemail. I call the EMP again. Voicemail. Then I call Border's books. This is good...I turned in a resume and a application about a week ago, and the nice guy behind the counter gave me a card on which he wrote the name of the HR guy in charge of interviewing potential candidates for employment. The nice guy went on to tell me that the HR guy (Linh) is off today (07.01) and since he was off yesterday (06.30) he should be back tomorrow (07.02). So I call on Tuesday, only to find out that the HR guy is actually on vacation. "How long will he be gone?" I ask. "Two weeks." is the response. So I call today to make sure about that, and I get a rude woman on the phone who obviously has not looked for a job in some time. I ask to speak to Linh. She asks what it's concerning. I say "I submitted a resume and application and I am just following up." She informs me that "We take in applications, review every one and WE call those individuals we think are qualified." (in other words - "Don't fucking call us you idiot, we'll call your sorry ass, IF we think you qualify.") Since I know every one has to be interviewed by Linh, I ask if I can speak to him anyway. She informs me that he is on vacation (alright, I know that), so I ask for how much longer. "Two weeks." she replies in her best "Get of the fucking phone you asswipe." tone. I ask "Two weeks from today?", she responds "(big annoyed sigh) Yes." For a split second I think of calling her on her lie, but then I figure, what's the point?


Hey, Kristin and I watched "Ali" today. I can highly recomend it. Amazingly filmed, great story, outstanding performances. Smith was robbed at the Oscars. Denzel was good in "Training Day", but he was nothing compared to Big Willie as Ali.


The first film "The Ambush" in this series is John Frankenheimer's last really good piece of work. He died today at 72.


From the lack of commentary I'm getting, I'm thinking no one cares (sniff...). Scott and Shane contributed, anyone else? c'mon!


Eddie and Owen trying to outdo each other. Har! And everybody's favorite wacky time-traveling robot is back! Watchoo talkin' 'bout Willis?


Hey Scott, Principal Skinner's real name is Armin Tamzarian. I'm guessing that makes him Armenian. I know that this is old news, but it bears noting.
If you liked The Lord Of The Rings, you are probably looking forward to The Two Towers like I am. Some of you will know this, but If The Lord Of The Rings is still showing in your city somewhere, there is probably about 5 minutes of the next movie tacked onto the end. When I went to see it for the 4th time in April it was there. First day at the temp job was OK. Nothing exciting.