From Scott's blog:"Marney informed me that the correct way to spell Chicken McNuggets is with a capital M and N, because it's a proper name, like McMason, or McMarney or McAndcheese." What he is not telling you is that before he corrected it, capitalization was not the only problem:"[I]f you see some tosser dropping is fucking chicken mcnuggests box and sauce wrappers on the ground, save the picture and send it to me." McBite me McFrito! This is Blog War!


My dad sent me this link . I somtimes think I missed my calling. Really. I could do that job. I would find that job interesting and worth doing.
Another pretty day in paradise. I have officially broken out my Hawaiian shirts. Today I am wearing the grey number with dragons and surfboards that my sister brought back from Hawaii. If someone brings you a floral print shirt from Michigan, is it a Michigan shirt?
So Spring has arrived in the NW. We had the first sunny day where I realized that I didn't need to bring my coat. The yard is a riot of color. I wish I could just post some pictures, but I don't have hosting, so mail me if you want some pictures of Tulips and things. I can even make a short MPEG if you want. It was a nice day.


It's funny how emotional I can be about words like "honor" and "strength" and "truth". The actors I see and admire play to those attributes. Mel Gibson, Russel Crowe, Chris Meloni, but they are acting. They might be scumbags when they are not playing honerable trustworthy, strong men. They might be complete pussies, complaining about the bottled water in their trailers and how the craft services team refuses to pick out the blue m&ms. We really don't know, after all they are actors. They are just pretending to be those characters.


I was just reading back over my posts from today, and I am a grump! GRRRRR!
I'm also kind of going crazy with this linking and picture thing.
When you are broke, you tend to look for cheap things in cans that look good to eat. Ramen, while cheap is just not good every day. Well, from the "looks can be deceiving" department : Nalley "Chili-Mac" and "Noodles&Chicken in a Hearty Broth" look like good grub in the picture on the outside of the can, but are inedible once poured in a bowl and heated up. the Chili-Mac tasted like grout and gristle, and the Noodles&Chicken was indescribably nasty. I'll never buy another Nalley product again.
So I see this ad for the new Infiniti, and in it there is a woman doing what we all have done at one point or another, she has her hand out the window and she is playing with the lift effect that the wind has on a hand held out the window of a car at speed. If you know what that effect is called, please let me know. Anyway, there is a disclaimer at the bottom of the screen saying something about "Never stick your hand out of the window of a moving car". Do the lawers really think someone is going to lose an arm to a freak accident and blame it on an Infiniti ad? That is just nuts. Pretty soon we won't be able to wipe our own asses without a lawer telling us how to do it. Fucking Lawers.
You know, I love watching car racing. Speedvision used to offer a lot of different kind of car racing, but once they got bought out by Fox (and changed to the Speed Channel) they went to an "all NASCAR, all the time" format. I can take stock car racing in moderation, but I have grown completely sick of hearing southern accents drone on and on about drafting and bumping and this and that. Speed even plays old stock car races all day. I am so sick of it. It's weird, Speed sponsors a really great race series called the Speed World Challenge involving real cars (Civics and Mazdas and the like), and they run those races live, then a couple of times in the following week, and then they go back to Stockers. And don't even get me started on the schedule on my digital cable box, that thing is wrong more than it is right.


My friend Scott is helping me figure out adding links and pictures in my blog entries. He gave me instructions that make this happen: I'm writing in my blog. Yipee! I wanted to show you this picture of a chimp:
What the hell is up with that? My money is on the chimp.


Oh yeah, I called NWMINI, Tim was still encouraging, but he told me that I would be considered for the "next round of hiring". They took a bunch of people from the sister BMW dealership and left me hanging! Do your "MINI-please-give-Marney-a-job-please-please-please" dance now.
Got a wig? Got a skirt? Come on down! Seriously, Dan's parties are the closest most of us will ever get to one of those Playboy parties with chicks with painted on clothing at them. Hef would be proud.


I love how on Rockford Files people have rotary phones in their cars, and the bad guys always wear suits.
Mom was in town and I forgot to call MINI. I'm not blaming her (honest mom! I'm not!) but I was distracted. I put her on a plane yesterday, and my contact at MINI is out 'till Friday, so hopefully I'll remember to call him then. I also sent off a resume to Definitive Audio Did my link work? let's see...Yes! Thank you Scott, now you don't have to cut and paste! (I think he was getting really annoyed with that, being a fancy-schmancy programmer-type. This is his blog.) I think I am getting the hang of this! Woo! Only 10 years on line to learn how to make a hyperlink work! Last entry I told you about oddtodd and cockeyed, now I'm adding zefrank to my list of sites to visit daily. I had seen his site back when he was teaching others to dance, but I became bored with it. I challenge you to become bored with it now. Do your lucky "Please god help Marney find a job he can love" dance now.


So I need to change the contact email address from my original post. I'm cancelling my AOL account finally. A lot of friends havbe asked me why I bother keeping it anyway. It was my first email account ever (not counting the one SFA gave me at college, and I never used, man that was forever ago). There were still a few people who insisted on writing me there, the in-laws, a college buddy, a few mailing lists that I don't read anymore. I got that email account back when I had a 14.4 modem and downloading porn was a long-term prospect. Man we were all such novices then. We wondered if the internet would really take off. We worried about ordering on line. I think the world has become a smaller place in the last 10 years, and I'm starting to wonder if that's really a good thing. Badkarmaracing@attbi.com is the new address, as always, I welcome a lively debate. Oh, and check out www.oddtoddd.com and www.cockeyed.com. Still no call from MINI, but my contact guy there is out 'till tomorrow. I'm calling him then.


Still no call from MINI. I am not too worried (he said chewing his nails). I really need to work, 'cause I really need the money! I'm going to try Manpower again. They didn't have any work a while back, but maybe things have changed in the last 6 weeks. Mom is coming to visit. She arrives in about 3 hours. I have been having some weird dreams. one is like this: a large scale monster chasing me through a deep, fast-moving body of water. I have a high-tech sub-boat that seems way too small, but I get away, through an isthmus, and the monster does not follow. Very strange.


So my interview went well. It was my favorite kind, where the interviewer is unprepared, so we just chat. I also managed to score some cool MINI schwag, just brochures really, but I like using the word "schwag". I think I have a pretty good chance to get a job with MINI, it's just a waiting game now. I'll still keep looking for other stuff, but I want this job. With my luck I'll get a job offer from someone who wants to pay me more than MINI (non-commission BTW) and is closer to home but I would have to sell something lame, like a cheese-straightener. Check out Oddtodd.com, and send him a buck or five. He just lost his unemployment because the state of NY has decided that the website is an income generating business. They even want over $2000 back. Bastards. He is going to be on The Today Show on the 4th of april, so check it out.