I thought it would be funny to post a list of band names I came up with for a friend. If you use any of them, just credit me in the liner notes somewhere. Call me badkarmaracing. Some are vulgar. You have been warned! Pocket of What, Tomfoolery, Skratchmaster, The Spokesmen, Bring Me a Pony, I Drive Aardvarks, Driver #6, Parkmaster, Siphon, The Rattlers, The Turks, The Unimaginally Stupid, Epeziotimy, Calligula, Carbine, The Gringos, The Tattoos, Sandskrit, Bitter Pill, Spiceman, The Board of Directors, Prime, Rasmussen, Dinker, Schmoker, Schmoe, Spanky, Quark, Bringer of George, Glass Jaw, Tin Nose, Metal Hip, Torn Kimono, Hawaiian Delight, Coker,No More Yankee my Wankee, Donger Need Sleep (I know, bothe stolen,it worked for Save Ferris, so sue me), Chase the Escort, Binary (only use two chords), Festooned with Bunting, Anal Sac, Park my Smegma, Deliver the Pope or Die, 5X, The Heaters, The Floaters, The Gravitons, Qeeg, Nargausius, Slagathor, Spoke, Rumbler, Get Bent, Jetmaster, Shove it, Butt Piercer, The Instamatics, Illigitimati Non-Carbarundum, Pinball, Boiled Potato, The Funmeisters, Waterman, Homer, Baaaaaadmother, Trampoline, Genermans, The Gynecologists, Bitemaster, Dingy, Carson, Do it in the Morning, Morning Wood, Chew my Buttons, Anal Blast, Cribmaster, Francine, Mother Shabubu, Wanna Dollar?, Stout, The Spouts, Nest, Crackton, What's that Stench?, Hogfat, Smell Something?, Kitty House, The Killer, Asking Price,Will Work for Queso, Bikers for Santa , Farmers of Bung, Coho, Craptacular, Pipers of Cheese, 57 Chevy, Eldo, Count Fabula, Dick Dick, Sticky, Rebus, Franklin, Preeb, Frap, Spooge, Knee, Mr. Smee, Diggerdoo, Austrailian for Kiss My Ass, Lil' Squirt, Teenage Tornado, Triple Digit, Bite, Eater of Kansas, Eater, Kansas...no wait, that one's taken...Hothouse, Mangina, Cornrow, Mr. Ned and the Shysters, The Suits, Drive My Bus, It's Super!, Surprise!, Golden, Wasted Youth, Butter.


So...I think it has been long enough since I started this thing. Now while no one who knows me is looking, I'll add an entry. I am still unemployed. I had a job offer from a Chevy dealer, but I just can't get excited about GM's land-boats. I went and peed in a cup for a VW dealership. Man is that demeaning. It seems that if I have a drug problem it'll show up pretty quickly at work (can you say "90 day probationary period" I knew you could!) or even in the interview. I really feel that it is an encroachment into my privacy. I set out on this job hunt with the idea in mind that I would only take a job that I was sure I would like, and that I would not pee in a cup for anyone. Well my bank account is telling me I need something quick, so my standards are rapidly decreasing. I even downloaded a PDF application from "Taco Del Mar". They are a pretty cool company but I can't really see myself making fish tacos for a living. I think that employers should state up front if they are going to require pre-employment urine tests. Some do, but a lot don't. If they did, those of us with objections could just avoid wasting our time and theirs even going to those places. I have yet to object in an interview when asked for a drug test, because I am also aware of the suspicion that that would cast on me. I have a right to my privacy, don't I?