It is important for me to note that I had the idea for a killer website a while ago, but I have yet to get off of my duff to do something about it. (and considering that I am going on 5 months unemployed that's pretty pathetic) I want to let you know about what inspired me to begin putting it together finally. One is Oddtodd.com, go to his site and you will understand. He is a good guy who is making hs own breaks. The other is someone I stumbled upon on Oddtodd's "Daily Things I Learned From TV" message board. His url is http://rotstar.com/. It is a really nice looking site. Download his font, it's cool and unique and free! This guy has talent to spare.
Here is my blog. Sometimes I will update daily, other times it will sit for weeks with nothing new. This was my last blog http://badkarma.pitas.com/ (that I no longer have access to) I still don't know HTML, so cut and paste. I'm going to hunt for a book on HTML so that, for starters, you, my loyal readers don't have to do so much cutting and pasting, but eventually I want to be able to build a site and learn flash. We'll see. I would procrastinate if I wasn't so busy watching "America's Scariest Police Videos." (weekdays 4-5 on Fox's "FX" network) I also tend to notice nice things as well as the fucked up things going on in the world. I am going to put up an article about what has been going on and how it is affecting me. Please write me if you relate. mokmason@aol.com. Don't write to criticize, because I don't care, and I will dump all further correspondance from critics unread. Having said that, I am always open to a lively debate. Here is my first rant : My impression of drivers who use the carpool lanes by themselves is that they think they are more important than everyone else, or that everyone else is stupid for not driving over there. It chaps me to be stuck in traffic and see guys in pickup trucks with their dogs whizzing by me. I have called the snitch line (764-HERO) a few times, but that gives me NO satisfaction. Just wait like everyone else, or get a legit passenger. What is so hard about that. ya jerks!